5 Hour Fights and Dallas

Yesterday was my day off and I did nothing, yes, nothing, well a few loads of laundry, but really, I did nothing. And it was good. I did manage to watch a documentary on Ronald Reagan, they showed the moment when Nancy Reagan said goodbye to him. It still breaks my heart and I sob like a big fat baby, watching her heartbreak. Saying goodbye to a man she had loved so passionately for so long, just sad.
My stomach hurt yesterday, I think I am getting what the Irishman had, finally, I want to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me! So not fair that a person who does not need to lose weight got that particular illness. I don’t know why good things can’t happen to me.
Sunday night was another new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, an explosive episode, the show down between Jacqueline and Teresa. I fully believe both women are wrong at that juncture, I know Jacqueline was concerned for Teresa, seeing all of the tabloid reports, however, you can’t expect your friends to tell you every detail of their lives. Now, on the other hand, seeing the tabloid, Teresa is going to jail, perhaps Teresa should have told Jacqueline, if things were really that bad I would have told you. Absolutely. It obviously is fine if Teresa is doing so much construction to her home, adding carports and garage apartments, not something that is cheap. Even if your husband does that for a living, you still have major expenses. I do not believe she doesn’t have control over the covers that she gets paid for; the tabloids are a different story. Those print whatever they want, they don’t care and they only pay informants. So both women in the wrong, seriously a 5 hour argument??? No way I would have sat there for that beating; I would have been done with that in 5 minutes.
Dallas was last night, I am seriously loving this evolution of the show, I love that they kept the theme, updating it of course, but the same sweeping tones, showing scenes of the city I love so much. The pure evilness of JR, just wow, Larry Hagman has not lost a bit of his timing. The younger actors could take more than a few lessons from him, he is pure greatness. One can tell he simply delights in playing this character, it comes across in his delivery, his expressions, everything. Love it, will continue to watch it.
So the Irishman has a new schedule that he begins next week, he will be working Friday through Monday, the only day off we will have together is Wednesday. With the new schedule, this week he works 6 straight days. So we had no day off together, we used to have Sundays, but this Sunday he will be at work, did I mention the hours, 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. It really is as if we are having a long distance relationship and we live together.

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