Drama, Tears and Fear

I hate it when my friends fight, that is the way I feel now when watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa and Jacqueline fighting is too much to watch, I feel they are both in the wrong and just need to say I’m sorry and move on. Teresa has no control over the tabloids, she does have a modicum of control over the US Weekly when she is on the cover, I do believe that. I want her to make up with her family and move forward, I want them to all get along like they used to. Well, Teresa never got along on the show with her cousin and sister in law, hopefully she will soon, on the show. I realize this was all taped a year ago, who knows what is going on now. When asked they all say, oh you have to watch and see, Teresa refuses to be on talk shows with her sister in law and cousin. It is all very confusing, I find myself sad and angry after watching now, I used to love, love, love (to quote Teresa) watching.
Army Wives is back with us, and just as manipulative as ever, I find myself alternating between crying and feeling shame that a show could manipulate my emotions like this one does. We find Claudia Joy dying on the operating table, then coming back to life, seriously, they cannot kill this actor off. Her characters death on All My Children in the 1980’s still makes fans well up. Then we have two women taken at gun point, one thinking she is losing twins, another her husband cheated on her. Just major drama, it is a roller coaster of a ride, this hour long emotionfest.
Today is my Friday and I am looking forward to it, tomorrow is facial time, so looking forward to that. Next week is the 4th of July, I will be working on the 4th, as will the Irishman, at least we will spend part of the day together.
Peace out homies!

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