Just Say No to Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter makes me physically ill, here is a woman that had an affair with a married man, who told her that she was not the only one, and his wife is dying of cancer. So, what does she do, takes her pants off, yes, that is kind of come on we all dream of. Um, no, no it isn’t, she has a new book out that details their “love” affair, including slamming his wife, might I add his dead wife, and proclaiming theirs a great love affair. Aren’t we all glad that John Kerry didn’t win the presidential election? If so, then this horrible man, along with his mistress, would have been number two. Number two is a good analogy for what they really are. I know enough press has been given to her, however, I had to get that out of my system as she was on the View this week and of course I watched. Love that Barbara Walters called her on the carpet for lying in the book regarding something that happened between the two of them. She didn’t back down either, love her, she is a little crazy in her golden years, but deservedly so. Please no one buy this insidiously evil woman’s book, let’s pay homage instead to Elizabeth Edwards, a woman who was always full of grace, kindness and courage. She is the only one that deserves any kind of recognition in this whole mess, I feel bad for her children to have to continually be slapped in the face with the reminder of how their father treated their dying mother.
Enough about that, yesterday was my day off, I had a spa morning, it was lovely, then took care of my youngest son. He had been in the heat the day before and had become dehydrated and had a touch of heat exhaustion. I pumped him full of gator ade and made sure he was drinking plenty of water. He called later to say the gator ade had actually done the trick, we talked of electrolytes and potassium, and staying hydrated in this weather. I hate the heat, I hate the 100+ searing heat that takes everything you have and stomps on you. There I am done ranting about something I cannot control.
Had a lovely dinner with the Irishman at our new favorite place, MsSwiggans, every time I say the name I think of Duck Tales. I don’t know why, but I do, I think there probably would have been a McSwiggans in Duckberg.
Working two days then the weekend, I am going to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, it will be good. I hope everyone stays cool today and stays hydrated!

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