Buffy, Coffee and Stuff

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, watching Buffy, and contemplating my week, trying also to wake up. Sunday nights/Monday mornings are always a little tough, I go to sleep too late and have to wake up way too early. It is made better with my coffee, I did come to the conclusion the Irishman was correct, it was the brand of coffee that was making my stomach hurt so bad.
I don’t know what I would have done if it were actually coffee hurting me, that would have been a calamity of epic proportions. Can you imagine me with no coffee? Me either, without coffee is there even a me? Heady question for such an early morning.
This weekend was full, well Friday night and Saturday were, it was spent with Tessa, se is absolutely amazing. She was waiting for me when I got home on Friday, when we came inside she said Gigi, I miss Chewie, I said yeah me too. She looked at me and said I don’t think you should get another dog Gigi, you’re not ready. Wow, out of the mouths of babes. She is right of course, I don’t think I will ever be ready for another dog, Chewie was a once in a lifetime kind of companion, I feel honored to have gotten to be part of his life.
Saturday was filled with green pancakes and swimming, so much fun playing in the pool with Tess, she makes me young. After her dad, Jeffrey, came and picked her up, I collapsed in a heap of sheer exhaustion. There is a reason I had my children in my youth, I had energy, I took an incredible nap and then did nothing.
Sunday was spent doing nothing as well, I did a lot of nothing this weekend, and I am not afraid to admit it.
I do want to say watching the verdict being announced in the Sandusky case evoked emotions of relief for the victims of this horrendous man. Throughout the trial he seemed at times smug and others jovial, always a smile on his face. A smile. He devastated young boys lives, and he sat there smiling, his wife saying oh that never happened. I never heard anything. Didn’t she think it odd that he went into the basement with young boys? I would have. I hope the victims of this monster can rest a little easier at night knowing that their bravery helped stop his actions. They have saved future boys from this monsters hands, I pray for their peace of mind.
On a lighter note, I have a slight sunburn, I slathered myself in Hawaiian Tropic oil to try and get some color onto my incredibly white skin. I think the burn will turn brown, then I wont be so pale, would be nice if I had some color for summer.

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