Do you ever feel unappreciated? Like the things you do on a daily basis go unnoticed? The people around you just expect what you do, so they never say thank you? I feel that way at times, and yes now is one of those. I do all the laundry, for every person in this household, I vacuum, I sweep, mop, dust all cleaning, except sometimes the Irishman does the dishes. I do all the shopping, and I seriously hate grocery shopping. I know I sound incredibly whiny, however, since this is my outlet, I reserve the right to whine once in a while.
I wonder if what I do on a daily basis is noticed, I doubt it, no one says thank you, I am exhausted with it all. Oh well, as women we rarely get a thank you, maybe when I die, God will say well done.
Ok, enough, even I am done with me at this point, coffee was good this morning, I have already done a load of dishes in the dishwasher, three loads of laundry and I am just getting started.
I plan to be productive today, tomorrow I want to go see a movie, yes, it will be Magic Mike, with the Irishman working Friday through Monday, we have no weekend days together anymore. This coming Wednesday, July 4th, he and I both will be working, so this coming week we will not even have Wednesday off together. Oh well, it is what it is, we will have Tuesday and Thursday evening to watch tv and catch up.
So, that is it today, I am feeling unappreciated and am very busy doing the things that make me feel unappreciated.

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