I have just finished re-reading a book that I have read once a year every year for the past 15 years. It is The Eight by Katherine Neville, it is a book that combines mysticism, Fibonacci numbers, chess and intrigue all rolled together with high adventure. When I read it, I can actually feel the hot sand of the Algiers, the intrigue of Egypt and I can feel the boat swaying under me as the heroine of the story solves the mystery and saves lives. It is a great read and I highly recommend it. Well written, not like the popular trash that passes as literature today. Please tell me that you all have stopped buying that drivel, the waste of perfectly good trees, Shades of Grey nonsense. Just step back and buy something that was not written at a 3rd grade level, a pornographic 3rd grade level. Disturbing that this is a best seller.
Anyway, I have accomplished a lot in these past two days, the laundry is actually all caught up and it was clean sheet Saturday. All in all a good, productive day, I also had a great conversation with Thomas Alexander. Then later in the evening a call from Elizabeth Anne, consider my day complete.
Then the Irishman comes home and we watch Horrible Bosses together, that is a good ending to the day.
I am still working on my 4th of July homage to this great, amazing country, it is my fervent wish that we can keep it great long enough to elect a new leader. I don’t know how political I will get on here as election time nears. However those that know me, know that I am a political creature by nature, I just don’t like doing it here.
I have had great Starbucks coffee this morning, here at my humble abode, I even made a terrific, low-fat, unsweetened mocha frappicino. Yay me!

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