Expectations. We all have them, we have expectations with ourselves, with the people that are in our lives, with the goods and services we purchase. What would life be like without expectations. I have always been taught that what we expect out of people we will receive, this is not always true, sometimes you get nasty surprises when you have expected nothing but the best. Sometimes in life your expectations do not match reality, it is what happens after the the expectation has been burst that matters most.
When you have been let down, do you give up, do damage control or do you get to work to let whatever, or whomever has not lived up to your expectations know that is not acceptable. Do you continue to stay and work on something that has not met with your expectations? Well that is the million dollar question, and I have no million dollar answers for you, I am still seeking those answers for myself.
I will tell you this, I have had very few people in my life that have met my expectations of them, sad really. When my expectations were so simple, I will not list them, just know that I am the fight or flight type of person and am still trying to figure out which one I want to do at times.
My weekend was uneventful, Costco, taking the Irishman’s daughters swimming two days in a row, Target and dinner in. I really wanted some Taco Bueno, maybe the next time Elizabeth Anne comes to town we can get some. I have a nice redness going on with my arms and face, legs will not get color. I do believe that the sun rays bounce off of their whiteness and land somewhere back in the ether. They refuse to take any kind of pigment, so sunless tanning lotion it is for them.
I shall leave you with your deep thoughts on expectations today, I would love to know your thoughts, angie@angieworld.com is the place to send them. Toodles.

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