Friday the 13th

Yesterday morning I had the scariest experience I have had in a long time at work, I came in, was putting my things down and I heard a noise behind me. I turn, I look down, there it is, a giant hissing water bug, it starts running toward me. I do the only thing I can do, I scream, I kick at it and knock it back to my coworkers desk, it flips several times. Then when the thing gets its bearings, its wings go out, and it hisses and runs at me, I scream again and this time, yes, this time folks I take its life. I had no other option, it was attacking, it was in self defense. The thing was three inches long and one inch in diameter.
I would like to take this time to point out this is what happens when there is no winter, we have massive bugs. I am fine, a little traumatized, but fine. However due to my experiences and the week I have had, I deserve a treat and have a Starbucks. I am still angry with them, but I can’t quit them, I got nowhere else to go. Not really, I have options, just couldn’t resist the Officer and a Gentleman reference.
Well, last night was Dean Cain’s episode of the Choice, in case you are wondering I did not watch I am still so angry with him. I know this disagreement we have had will pass, he is still number one on my list, however, with this latest stunt, Chris Hemsworth is creeping up on you Dean. Unless you can quickly redeem yourself, you may find yourself replaced on my infamous list.
Yesterday was Alex’s birthday, I cannot believe my youngest child is 21 years old; it doesn’t seem that long ago when he was waking up in his crib full of sunshine and goodness. I love you son, you are one of the top three best things that ever happened to me.
Today is Friday the 13th that has always been a good luck day in my family; everyone should have a good luck day. Find one and adopt it, this one is mine; I will share if you want it though. I hope everyone has a great day, a fantastic weekend, and a great month.

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