Aurora, Colorado

Nothing frivilous today I am afraid, my thoughts are with the victims in the Aurora, CO shooting victims. I keep reading reports where everyone wants to blame America for this, our gun laws in particular. I am astounded by this, blame the perpetrator, not the the weapons, and to place the blame on America, Bill Mahr said America Sucks, well, Bill, go live in Norway. A seemingly peaceful place that a madman went on a rampage and killed 69, he planted a bomb in a neighborhood that killed 8 more people, mostly teenagers at a camp. He wasn’t American, so how did that happen? This happens everywhere, not just here, I am sickened by some of the comments being made by people who just want to further their own agenda and will use this tragedy to do it.
Aurora, CO is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to, I love the state of Colorado, with its majestic mountains and beautiful landscapes. The people are friendly and welcoming, I have always felt at home there. I know without a doubt the people there welcomed this young man from California and tried to integrate him into the community. It’s what they do there, it’s ingrained within them, if you have ever been and not just for skiing you know what I mean. I have a deep love for the state and the people, my heart is just broken for them right now.
I will end this entry with just a thought on the victims, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, I pray for the survivors, I pray for the families of the dead. You will never be forgotten and justice will prevail.

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