Sitcom Heaven

Yesterday the world learned the news that Sherman Hensley passed away, he had several hit sitcoms on the airwaves at one time. He will forever be known as George Jefferson though, his most well-known, beloved characters. His television wife Louise, or as he called her Wheezy, played by Isabel Sanford, she has passed away in 2004. It begs the question, when stars of sitcoms die are they reunited with their television spouses in heaven? When God designed the universe there were no such things as sitcoms, however, God is omniscient, so he would have known they were coming. So did he make provisions? Will George be reunited with Wheezy? When David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston die will Ross and Rachel be forever together? After all he is her lobster. What about Archie Bunker? Is he in that area or is there a separate area for him since Carol O’Connor was on In the Heat of the Night as well, OMG Andy is once again with Barney and Aunt Bea. Now that is something I would like to see when I get there.
I tried to get my cube mate Jason involved in this conversation, however he very plainly told me he was not taking this ride with me. I said, get in the car Jason, he said no, he was walking into a metaphoric field. So you know what I did, yes, I drove off into the field trying to engage him in this hypothesis of TV stars. No go.
I will engage with you now, my faithful readers, do you think George and Wheezy are together? Do you think they are sitting down with Archie in his bar right now to catch up on happenings in the old neighborhood? Or are they back in their deluxe apartment in the sky with George walking on Mr. Bentley’s back? These are questions philosophers will be discussing for generations to come. And I started the debate, I shall take credit for this one, perhaps there will be textbooks written on the subject with a byline reading: Introduced by Angie. I would like that. So discuss amongst yourself, let me know what you think, upon ending I want to thank Sherman Hensley for all of the laughter and smiles he brought to me over the years.

2 Replies to “Sitcom Heaven”

  1. I certainly hope acting co-stars are not together! There are some people I co-starred with in plays I would definitely not want to be with for eternity. And what about prolific actors/actresses with multiple co-stars? Is God going to condone Heavenly Polygamy? 🙂

    And then what about Renaissance actors? Back then it was appropriate for men to play women (and women not to act at all). THAT opens up a whole Can O Worms!


  2. These are very valid arguments Jess, I cannot wait to find out!!! This opens a plethora of cans of worms. I so hope they have popcorn in Heaven!!!


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