Joy and the pursuit of Happiness

I started my morning with Elton John and Kiki Dee and moved on to Kirk Franklin featuring God’s Property. The songs Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart and Stomp, could one start their day better? I think not.
The song Stomp has gotten me through a lot of tough times through the years, it was released in 1996, and it holds the test of time. It is as relevant today as it was then, whenever I hear it I get fired up. Fired up is the only phrase that I can put to the way it makes me feel.
In this culture the pursuit of happiness is tantamount; however, happiness is fleeting, pursuing joy, peace, that is what we should be doing. Do you know that the Bible does not one single time tell us that we should be happy? Happiness is such a fleeting thing, thing being the operative word, trusts me when I tell you things make me happy. I have great joy and peace in the Lord, that is what, was promised us in the bible, peace, joy, love, when Jesus was here he even said if you follow me you will know persecution, buy you will have great joy. Joy and peace last an eternity, happiness lasts a moment in time, I think people in this society have it all backwards, I hear the word happy banded about like it is the end all and be all of everything one works toward. I think that once you stop doing that, you will be at peace, which for your soul is much better; I would rather be peaceful and joyous than happy.
When Buffy died and the Scooby gang brought her back, she told Spike her soul was at peace, she didn’t say she was happy in the hereafter, she said she was at peace. She believed she had been in heaven. Joss Whedon got it right; he never once put the words on paper that she had been happy, he wrote words saying in heaven she had been at peace.
So there you have it folks, my beliefs, you can agree, you can disagree, however they are mine. I fully believe when I die, and go to heaven, I will be at peace, and know greater joy than I have ever experienced here on earth. Especially if God sees fit to put me in the sitcom portion of heaven, my life has played like one, so I see no issues there. Or perhaps in the Dramedy section, I am sure they have one, and I shall be there!

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