Public Apologizing

Yesterday Kristen Stewart issued a public apology for cheating, as did the married man she cheated with. It makes one think, should everyone who cheats on their partner have to issue a public apology? Or only when the photos are leaked?
I for one believe this to be an excellent idea, can you imagine how it would cut down on those cheating incidents if the perpetrators knew they would have to face the world and own up to their actions. Telling people that they are sorry they let them down, in the case of the married man he has to apologize to his wife and children. He has let them all down because why? Oh yeah he couldn’t keep his pants on. Seriously if you are going to betray the one that is there for you, supports you through the tough times and good times, if you are going to be doing these things, you should have to publicly apologize.
I seriously don’t get this one, this man’s wife is absolutely beautiful, while Kristen Stewart is not so much. Let’s face it, she has a horse face and the body of a young pubescent boy, while her married lover’s wife is an ex-model and played her mother in the Snow White movie. Somehow that just blows my mind, Kristen Stewart you are such scum, you destroyed not only your significant other’s world, you destroyed three other people as well. How does it feel? Do you feel good about yourself now?? Do the cheaters feel good about themselves when it is revealed that they are indeed scummy human beings? I would love to hear from women who have done this, and been caught. How do you feel? Please comment, we all want to know. 

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