Painful Monday and Good for Mrs. Scott Baio

Another Monday, another beginning, another chance to make things better in the world. Or at least your part of the world. Incredibly optimistic for a Monday, I will admit however since this is fueled by caffeine, you will have to forgive the peppiness.
I helped a friend move from their 3rd floor apartment this weekend. This morning I do believe my legs have fallen off. Trying to get out of bed was a monumental feat. I literally thought I was going to die. As I am telling you this my legs are very literally screaming at me. I don’t know how to answer them. I left early today to ensure I had enough time to walk from the parking lot to my desk. Yes it is really that bad.
The upside is, it was so scorchingly hot I do believe I sweated off several pounds.
I am so tired today, as sleep was elusive last night, every time I moved the pain woke me up. Ugh, I seriously hate muscle pain as it reminds me that I really should workout to achieve complete thinness.
Ok, so, on twitter, Scott Baio had posted a picture of his refrigerator and asked his followers to do the same. Innocent enough, I, for one, enjoyed seeing what everyone was posting, very fun. Someone suggested this would make a great reality show, with Scott and his family choosing with whom to have dinner with based on the goodies in the fridge. Great fun, everything chiming in, posting pictures, then comes the one, and there is always one. The skank, the trashy woman who posts something so inappropriate that Scott Baio has to block her. Well, Mrs Baio sees the tweet and grabs her husbands IPad and addresses it right then and there. I say good for her, if more women reacted I do believe the skanks would get the messaged, eventually. I myself have responded swiftly and decisively when women have been inappropriate toward the Irishman. I dont’ put up with nonsense either.
It’s crazy that women don’t think anything about saying or doing really nasty things in social media or email, text messages or phone calls. They don’t think there will be any consequences, I do believe Mrs. Baio and women like her (me included) are teaching them a lesson one woman at a time. I will say this here and now, someone is always watching and you will always be found out and there will always be consequences
Good for Mrs Baio for reacting swiftly and decisively.
Well it is Monday and I need an amazing amount of caffeine to help me through this day. I hope you all have a fantastic day and remember reacting to a situation in a swift manner is always best.

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