Dean Cain Update and Stuff

So, Dean Cain has a new show, this time a respectable one, I have not watched Stars Earn Stripes yet, but rest assured it is recorded. I plan to spend part of my day off tomorrow watching it, then I will give a full report on my renewed love affair with Dean. I need it to be good, so far I am seeing good tweets about it, I need something to take the horribleness away that was that dating show. Ok, confession time, I still have that episode recorded that has Dean in it. I have never viewed it, I don’t even know if I can bring myself to watch it, however deleting Dean from my DVR is a hard thing to do. I love him, I cannot even begin to explain the level of commitment I feel towards supporting him in all of his efforts. It is pure insanity, however, it is an insanity I am not willing to part with.
Yesterday evening after work was spent catching up with a friend, much laughter was had, and good gossip was shared. Oh, get off our high horse, not malicious, hurtful gossip, fun stuff, like who got a new job and news like that.
It was also the return of Grimm, excellent show, from start to finish I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next revelation! Excellent start to the season, so mad it was a to be continued episode! I didn’t even realize the hour had passed, it was that good! If you have not checked it out, please do, catch up on season one and start with 2 right away.
I am still feeling the effects of Saturday’s spa visit, I am still relaxed and my face is beginning to peel from the chemicals. I love it, if I get the chance I am going back to see Todd the masseur, he was nothing short of amazing. If you want a great massage, no chatter and to feel wonderful, book a session with Todd at the Pure Day Spa in Frisco, TX. No, this is not a paid advertisement, just a satisfied customer.
Today is my Friday, so I shall sign off for now, will let everyone know how much I love seeing Dean Cain in uniform. I can barely breath thinking about it!

One Reply to “Dean Cain Update and Stuff”

  1. Thank you for the kind words! I am so happy to stumble across this and learn how pleased you were. As of September 9 The Pure Day Spa will no longer offer massage. However, I do make house calls! Please keep my email and should you need a massage at home, we can work that out.
    Thank you again for the kind words.
    Todd Mixon


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