I had something all ready to go, ready to just click the button and there it would be my Friday Angie World entry. However, there are times when one gets derailed, and this is one of those times. I was driving to work and a song came on the radio, I was so overwhelmed with memories, good memories, sweet really. It was a song from the movie Urban Cowboy, it was Look What You’ve Done To Me, it brought back the sweetest memory of the boy who took me to see the movie.
Sixteen is such a magical time in most adolescent’s lives; it is filled with discovery, innocence and amazement. I loved being 16, I loved the carefree life, I loved having no worries beyond what lip-gloss to wear that day, which shoes do I feel like wearing today. Ok, you might think I am not so different today, however I have bigger worries than those in my life as an adult.
If I could go back, would I? That is really the question; I think I would, for one day, to have nothing to do n the summer beyond laying out with Tammi. Watching All My Children and all of my other favorite soaps on ABC. Getting more and more golden by the moment, perhaps on a Friday, that way, I could tan during the day and then go to the Skate Ranch that night. Interesting thought, where oh where is my Delorean?
Perhaps this weekend I shall have a time travel weekend, I will listen to music that invokes memories and watch television shows that remind me of my era. Eat comfort food and catch up on laundry, I lead such a glamorous life.

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