Nice VS Weak

People mistake weakness for nice, and nice for weakness, the two are mutually exclusive and I don’t understand how people can mistake the two. Scarlett did it in GWTW, she called Melly mealy-mouthed, everyone assumed because Melly was bodily weak her will was weak as well. They were wrong, they called India Wilkes kind because that is the persona she wore, however, she was mean-spirited and vindictive, Never forgiving Scarlett for stealing a beau when they were 15 years old. Melanie Wilkes was the truly strong character out of everyone, remember when she shot that Yankee even when she was so weak physically she could barely walk. It took sheer willpower to make sure her family was safe. Scarlett was not a nice person, she wanted to be, her mother was, Melanie was, but she was not. Her mother was her anchor and after she died it was Melanie, of course Scarlett was too blind by jealousy to see that Melanie was her touchstone, her Jiminy Cricket. I too, am like Scarlett, I speak without thinking, I want to point out others flaws, however the one way I am not like her is I can spot the people who are truly nice and separate them from the ones that just wear the mantle of niceness hiding the true monster inside. My mother was a truly nice person, she was my touchstone, she was my anchor, she kept me from running amok spouting whatever came into my head. Since her death I have had other people in my life acting in this capacity, however, none of them as successful as my mother in this endeavor.
From this point on I am challenging myself to be more like my mom, I will think before I speak, I may think you are a complete moron, I will not say it. Trust me when I tell you, I know the difference between the Melanie’s and the India’s of the world and I seriously have no respect for the India’s. I feel I have learned from GWTW in the fact that Scarlett didn’t appreciate Melanie until she was on her death-bed, then she understood. I recognize the truly nice people around me, I don’t have to wait until they are on their death-bed to recognize their true spirits.
I understand there are some women who think of themselves as Scarlett’s, I understand that, surface wise, she was exciting, beautiful and seemingly smart about business. But Scarlett was stupid when it came to recognizing quality people. She was focused on surface things, I can’t fault her, it was her nature, she was raised on surface things. She was taught that she should never say what she things, reading was for ugly girls and she should be flirtatious and fun, never a serious thought in her head. When her world left her, she became hardened, she had no use for nice people, as she viewed nice as weak. Don’t be fooled by this, nice is not weak, weak is not nice, two different kinds of people, you should seek out truly kind people, not the ones who simply wear the mantle, surface niceness.

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