My Review of Stars Earn Stripes

I finally did it, I watched Stars Earn Stripes, the new Dean Cain try at reality television, I never did watch the horrid one. I refuse, although, yes, it is still in my DVR list, I cannot bring myself to deleting Dean.
My thoughts on the new show, one word, awesome! This show totally rocks, I didn’t know that Terry Crews was on there as well until a few days before it premiered, that was just a bonus. It is a contest driven show, the stars are all working to earn money for their favorite military charity. They are all worthy causes and the contestants are all working hard to earn the funds. I like this premise way better than Dancing with the Stars as those stars are earning money for themselves, not any charity.
The very first mission we get to see Clark, err I mean Dean, lifting heavy things and shooting guns, I thought my head was going to explode, literally. Wow, what a great way to spend my day off, watching Dean Cain in uniform doing manly things. I cannot begin to express my happiness, this was beyond anything I could have wished for.
Before you say, oh this glorifies war, fighting, military dominance, it does not, what it does is bring awareness of everything our troops go through in order for you to have the freedom to spout whatever comes into your head. No way I could do these tasks, I would be lying in the field like a two-year old throwing a fit saying, I can’t do this. I believe the majority of us would be doing that, there are the few that step up and take on the mantel as protectors of the United States of America. I have so much respect for these men and women, I believe this show honors them and gives us newfound respect for all they do.
I am off to work today, it is my Monday and Thursday all rolled into one, so loving that! See ya tomorrow!

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