Dean Cain

Last night was the finale to Stars Earn Stripes, it was a nail biter, I am still stressed over it! I so wanted Dean Cain to win, he was in the top three, alas he did not win in the end. However, he did acquit himself very well.
He conquered his fears and proved over and over why I love him so much, not just because he is pretty, but because he is fearless. He is also gracious and generous, he was there for the other people on the show, encouraging them to do their best as well. Dean, if you need comforting after your loss, call me, I can be very sympathetic and the Irishman said it is ok with him if we hang out.
In other news this weekend, Rene Baio (aka @MrsScottBaio) participated in the Disney 1/2 Run to raise money and awareness for her and her husbands charity The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. Please go to the website to find out more information. It really is commendable how this couple took an episode of their life, a false health scare regarding their newborn, and turned it into something positive. They have created a foundation to raise money and awareness for screening newborns for a specific disease. I am not going to go into detail here as it is their story and they tell it very well on their website. I have decided to make them my charity of choice when giving money. I have a couple of others, but they will be my main one, I admire so much people who take the negative and use it to champion others.
Taking a negative and making a positive, interesting choice, they could have easily said oh our child is healthy, see ya later. Instead they chose to use their celebrity for good instead of partying and being skanky and rude. Good for you Baio family, good for you!

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