Quantum Leap

As most of you know by now, there are certain songs that take me back and I have a little bit of time travel. Time travel is something I have always been fascinated with, Dr Who does it, Marty McFly did it, Sam Beckett did it. When I think about me traveling through time I tend to think about Sam Becket in Quantum Leap. I loved that show, the premise, to me, was more realistic and founded in science.
One could travel through time within ones own lifetime, leaping from person to person, now Sam was righting wrongs, I dont’ believe I would be doing that.
If I could travel within my lifetime I do believe I would go back and see the first moon landing again, I saw it the first time, however I was a child. I would want to leap into an adult this time, oh maybe even an astronaut.
Sam could never right the wrongs within his own family, he could not save his brother, no matter how hard he tried. He did go back at the end and save Al from years of being a POW, he got to go back to Beth the love of his life.
I don’t know if I have that in me, to be able to save someone, I don’t know who needs saving, in my timeline.
I would love to go back and see my grandparents, my great-aunt Effie, my parents, aunts and uncles who have gone home. That would be truly amazing, as for historical happenings, so many, the first time the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show, the birth of the Jackson 5. The civil rights movement really happened before my birth, so I could not go back and see the march on Washington.
For now I will stick to this time period, there is a lot to do here, and I would miss my children.

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