Actions result in Consequences

Facebook is a double-edged sword, it allows for old friends and family members to reconnect and forge new friendships. It allows us a window into the lives of ones we love, like and sometimes despise. However the dark side of Facebook is that it allows people to behave badly. Well, really the internet in general does this, although, on Facebook it seems to be prevalent.
Men and women both are behaving badly these days, no one seems to have any morals left, I find this shocking. To be honest it is people my age behaving in shocking manners, women messaging men who are married, engaged or obviously in a relationship, the men, flattered, respond and it takes off from there.
I was raised by a strict code of morals, by people who were not animals and believed that in a civilized society one must maintain a certain amount of decency. I still abide by this set of rules given to me as a child, don’t steal, don’t lie and don’t behave in such a way that the people who love you the most would get hurt.
I firmly believe that God, karma, life, whatever you want to call it, will get you, if you break these rules, then watch out. You will be found out every time and the world will turn against you, God will turn his back on you until you repent and make amends.
Amends, redemption, always a big part of the Joss Whedon world, I think that is why I have such an affinity for it. The worlds he creates call to me, beckon me to a place where there are consequences for ones actions, most of the time the consequences are swift and sure, other times it takes several episodes. While I know that life is not a perfectly written script, there is some truth to what he writes, although justice is rarely swift it is always sure.

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