Wild Weekend

Monday morning is upon us, and it is truly a Monday for me,no pseudo Thursday, tomorrow is not Friday, my new Friday will be Thursday and I only have one a week now, however I will have three days off in a row. Still spoiled. I am hoping to make some day trips to Oklahoma this fall to see my cousins, very excited about that. I will have to check with them to see if they want my company.
Well this weekend was spent really kinda lazily, Saturday I went errand running with a friend, then lunch at Mi Cocina, which I love and had not been in a while.
It was so nice we sat on the patio, I became fascinated with the fish and ducks in the little pond, I fed them almost all of our chips. Part of the main meal as well, it was just so fascinating to watch them all converge upon the offering, then to almost fight over it. It was like my very own Hunger Games happening right there.
Sunday was very lazy, I should have done laundry, I did not, instead Alex came over and we spent several hours debating politics, religion and a host of other subjects. Completely enjoyable! I love that, I have such a different relationship with each of my children, Jeffrey and I agree on almost every subject, Alex and I disagree on a lot, Elizabeth couldn’t give two cents worth for politics or religion, we shop and talk of other things.
Another happening is I have begun using the new Mary Kay TimeWise Repair skin care system, it is amazing! I am already loving it, I credit Mary Kay and good genetics for my youthful appearance, I have been using Mary Kay since Elizabeth Anne was 6 months old and she is 23 now, I do not look my age at all. So, run ladies, don’t walk, and get this fabulous new product.
Well that is all I have for now, completely tired from my do nothing weekend, will be going in to work and helping all the people. Call us for tech support! We are there to help!

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