Dean Cain and Ares

It’s Friday and I was so desperate for a Starbucks treat, I had them put an extra shot of espresso in, just for luck. Soon I will be flying, I hate to be the one that breaks it to everyone, it is not Redbull that gives you wings, it’s coffee, caffeine, Starbucks that gives you wings.
I have discovered the HUB, it is a television station, it shows great television, for example: Lois and Clark; The New Adventures of Superman, Hercules, Sliders, just to name a few. I am so beyond excited, not just for Dean Cain viewing, but for Ares viewing on Hercules! I had the biggest crush on Ares, I know, cliché, we always want the bad boy. There is no badder boy than Ares; the god of war, that man was just, well, hot, there is not other word for him. His personality was on point, sarcasm with a hint of surly, who can resist that? Not this woman, I had high hopes for the actor that played Ares, he really was great in that role, unfortunately he has passed away. However I can still enjoy him in Hercules re-runs, just a hint, I would love the DVD’s.
So, last weekend I hurt my Achilles heel, Elizabeth Anne kept saying “you mean your tendons mom?” I said I like saying Achilles heel better as it makes me seem god like. She snorted at me; well it was more of a look, but still. Don’t we all want something to make us fee immortal? Didn’t we all want to be a god or goddess when we were in the fifth grade and read Homer for the first time? I remember reading the Greek and Roman mythologies and being transported to a world that was magical, powerful and where I got to be in control of not only my destiny but the destiny of others. What a heady feeling, so if I want to say I hurt my Achilles heel, I get to say that.
So, the Irishman’s oldest daughter is sick, and now so is the Irishman, with his ongoing illness it has left him vulnerable to germs. I am happy to report I am impervious, I never get sick, the most I ever get is sinus stuff and since I changed my artificial sweetener to local honey I don’t get that.
I hope everyone has a great day, a wonderful weekend and decides to consciously do the right thing, no matter what that may be.

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