Expectations of Privacy

I was watching the View a while back and the discussion was the expectation of privacy for children, interesting discussion. This is my “view” on that thread, children should have no expectation of privacy except for the bathroom and getting dressed. As a parent it is your responsibility to monitor what your child is doing, on the internet, phone, IPad, or any other means of communication.
When Jeffrey was in middle school the Columbine tragedy occurred, in the days after it was reported that these boys had an arsenal in their rooms and garages.
In class, one of Jeffrey’s teachers asked the students whose parents would know if they had those types of things hidden and how many would not. He told me the amount of students who raised their hands was a lot. I said which way did you answer, he said oh mom you are way nosey, I could never hide that from you.
Good answer, I was nosey, my children knew they had no expectation of privacy, especially in my home, I paid the bills, I bought the food, the clothes, provided all comforts, everything was fair game. I want to tell you, they are well-functioning members of society today.
In the line of work I am in I see a lot of parents being exceedingly trusting, children will get away with what you let them get away with. If a child freaks out because you tell them you want the password to their phone, computer or other electronic device, then you need to have it immediately. Children who have no need to hide things, will not freak out, remember you pay the bills, they do not.
As a parent one has a choice, you can either run your home, or you can allow your children to run it, in my home, I ran it. After all, without me they would have had no home, I was the Queen of the household.
I don’t know what the world is coming to when children are running the show, it will be a sad world in a few years when these entitled people become adults and realize they are not the be all, end all to society.

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