Lee Greenwood, RHONJ and Danny Strong

So much to tell, I don’t even know where to start, I do believe I will start with the benefit concert I attended yesterday afternoon. Jess told me about it last week, he casually mentioned he was playing in a benefit concert featuring Lee Greenwood, and in fact would be playing with him on the song God Bless the USA. I was like, WHAT, so I immediately purchased my ticket, how do I not support my friend in this amazing event.
The concert was benefiting an organization called Parkinson Voice Project; it is a non-profit charity that helps people who have Parkinson to find their voice. I did not realize that Parkinson disease also strikes the vocal ability of patients, this foundation helps patients regain the ability to speak and be understood. They do not charge people one red cent for this therapy, it is amazing to hear people before and then to hear them after. Sometimes even after 10 days of vocal therapy their voices come back.
The people singing in the choir, known as The Loud Crowd, are all people who have Parkinson’s disease and who are a part of the Parkinson Voice Project, let me tell you they did a fantastic job. Please take a moment of your day to check out the entire endeavor at http://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org.
There is something about Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA that makes me tear up every time, I still remember the first time I saw him sing it in concert. It was in the 80’s and he was billed with Crystal Gayle, which will tell you how long ago it was. I believe it was 1985, I was pregnant with Jeffrey, it was just amazing. I still love that song, it definitely holds to the test of time. This time was no different; I got a little teary eye when he sang that song and the Loud Crowd joined him. Just a terrific moment, very moving, very patriotic and incredible, especially after knowing some of the back stories of the people in the choir.
Then it was home to get ready for the Emmy’s, my favorite awards show, after a quick detour to bring the Irishman a decaf coffee treat, it was home, pajamas and Emmy. So freakin’ excited for Danny Strong, a.k.a Jonathon from Buffy some might remember him as Doyle from Gilmore Girls, winning an Emmy for writing a mini series. Now I am going to have to watch Game Change for sure, as you all know I support all Joss Whedon alumni.
Very moving tribute to Andy Griffith, Ron Howard did a fantastic job; he is always so incredible, saying the right words, invoking emotion, smiles and tears. Then it was off to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, wow, I don’t even have any words for what happened at that fashion show. It is obvious that Teresa set up Melissa; I do like how Melissa would not allow Teresa play the victim, called her out on it and then called her husband.
Here is my question, why would Teresa not leave with her brother? Why would she not even go out there and try and calm him down? After the fight in Napa he and Melissa left with her, they also kicked someone out of their home at a Christmas party that was talking bad about Teresa. Teresa did not do that here, in fact she went back inside to party some more. Her brother in law told her good job, good job for what? That is the big question here, why was he congratulating her, she said thank you and was all smiles and giggles.
I have to mention that hairstyle and outfit that Teresa has been wearing for the interview sections, what the heck. It is a major fashion faux paus and Teresa is incredibly fashionable. But that look is hideous; it is a throw back to every bad 1980’s look in the book. Whoever styled her for that was so very wrong.

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