Another One Bites the Dust

So, another high ranking man has been caught with pants down, literally, and the mistress appears crazy. Not hugely surprised, any woman who knowingly cheats on her husband and causes the breakdown of two households in my opinion is crazy. I believe by now you all know how I feel about women who do this, I abhor them.
What I find interesting is the comments section of the news articles online, regarding the wife, people are so harsh. They are saying since she is not as attractive as the mistress she deserved to be cheated on. Seriously? That is what people are taking from this? It’s ok to cheat on your wife if she has put on a few pounds since the wedding? Someone you have promised to love and cherish and protect? For 37 years? And this is what she deserved?
What does he deserve now that he has been caught? He has lost his high powered job, rightfully so as that job is dependent on his ability to be loyal. He has proven he is not a loyal person, if you cannot be loyal to your wife and your family, you will not be loyal to your country.
To the woman who set all this in motion by seeing yet another woman as a threat, I thank you; you have possibly saved the country from something much worse. You have allowed all of us to see you and him for the worthless, lying scum that you really are.
As for the wronged wife, I saw her picture, but then I saw so much more, I read about her accomplishments, her character and her loyalty. I saw beyond the physical, and saw someone who had been a loyal wife and mother for 37 years. She did not deserve this, no matter how others might perceive her physical flaws. No one, man or woman deserves disloyalty and pain of this kind.
I hate scandal of this kind, I feel so bad for the wronged party, how do you heal when it is so very public. It is one thing to go through this type of betrayal when you are just a regular person, but to go through it in the press. With every unflattering picture of the wronged party they can find, so people can criticize and pick apart the person that was innocent in all this. It is sad and wrong, the ones that should be vilified are the ones who perpetrated this travesty.
To the woman who did this, shame on you, I hope your family disowns you, I hope they kick you out; I hope your husband takes all of your money and the wife of the man you did this with sues you. I hope you are left destitute, and then maybe you can understand the kind of hurt you have inflicted.
To the man, I hope your wife kicks you out and you have to live on the streets like the animal you are. Shame on you, she stood by you for 37 years, that didn’t earn any kind of loyalty from you to her. I hope she shows you the same kind of care and concern you have shown the world you have for her.

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