I am a Star Trek loving nerd, I would rather read than go to a party, I could spend weeks in a museum, as a matter of fact the Dallas Museum of Art has a fantastic bed in it on display. I don’t know if they have a shower but I could totally live there.
I have all of the outward appearances of being a fashion icon, and I am, trust me I love my shoes and boots and clothes, but I love my books more. I know it is a horrifying admission; I hid my tendencies in high school, never coming out of the closet for fear of ridicule. Actually that last part is not true, I never let my geek flag fly in high school because there was no one there to equal my geekiness, I didn’t want anyone feeling less than me.
Now, as I grow older, I find I do not care who knows how truly nerdy I am, I still watch Star Trek, rally anything with the word star in it, Star Trek, Stargate (all of them) Star Wars, the Last Star Fighter, I think you are getting the gist of my viewing habits. I will read anything, almost anything, I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey, hideous book, sets the literary world back, well, it doesn’t books written in the past were so good, this one just is a joke. Why are people reading this trash? I can’t even get past the grammatical errors to get to any of the “good” parts. And now, now, I read they are making a movie based on this insidious claptrap? How? Why? Pandering I tell you, that is all it is, the world is simply giving into anything lascivious in nature and forget good writing, forget a plot line, forget anything that makes sense.
I find myself more and more annoyed at a world that has forgotten the art of the written word, a turn of a phrase, simple grammar. Lose, loose, two different words, two different meanings, I do believe that people have forgotten that, I see it all the time. Let’s look at that word in a sentence, shall we. Paul will loose the bolt. Paul will lose the bolt. In one sentence he is loosening something and in the other he has lost something.
Sometimes I admit it takes every ounce of self control I have not to correct people on social media. I control myself because deep down I do not want to hurt anyone; however is it doing them any favors by allowing them to continue in the way? It is a gamble, some people might be appreciative, others might cuss you out, and it’s a tough call. I think I shall choose my battles; it is difficult though, when the errors are so blatant, my fingers go to the keyboard, they hover, then, that part of the brain that says, “Hold the phone” takes over and I back away and don’t say anything. I admit, I allow this to continue, I do believe with social media being so popular we are truly seeing how the school systems are failing our children, and colleges. I have seen college graduates make simple mistakes, people with more than just a Bachelor degree, scary.
It is truly horrifying in today’s society that the best seller is a book that is so poorly written a 2nd grader could have done it, and the classics are falling by the wayside. I am sad for our future society.

One Reply to “Rant”

  1. There are purses like LV which are made to withstand the test of time and will always be classic; and there are trendy purses that will be used for a year and then fall apart. Both serve a purpose. Same thing with books. Nobody is saying that it’s an amazing piece of literature that’s going to be heralded as a classic for centuries to come, but the trilogy of books taken a whole is a satisfying story with a couple good lessons for couples. I disagree about it being able to be written by a 2nd grader – no way, no how could my 2nd grader write like that … even if it were a different topic.

    I don’t disagree with you regarding the pervasiveness of poor grammar, though. (Though I have to admit I’ve never heard “Paul will loose the bolt.” – I would have said, “Paul will loosen the bolt.”)


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