Renegades, Rebels and Rogues

Well here we are people the last day of 2012, I cannot say this year has been kind to me, however some really amazing things have happened. I am on the radio! Can you believe that! I still cannot believe my friend Shanon asked me to do the show with her. I am awestruck that someone had that much confidence in my ability to talk. Thank you so much Shanon for giving me such an amazing opportunity, I don’t have the words to express how much your belief in me means.
The Irishman was sick for almost all of 2012, we go into 2013 hopeful for continued recovery, it has been a rough year in that respect. But God is good and ever present and I believe led him to the right doctor to get him on the road to recovery.
My children are all healthy and doing well, I am so proud of all three, Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex; I literally do not know what kind of life I would have without them. They make everything better, when I see a text or call from one of them I smile and happily answer, except when I am at work Alex! I could not resist that, he knows what I mean.
As I look back at the past year I not only see the struggles, I see where I have been blessed beyond measure, I have my health, I have my wits, most of the time and I have amazing friends. I still do not understand what I ever did to deserve such amazing people in my life I am just grateful God saw fit to bring them to me.
I go into 2013 ever hopeful, not only for my life and the lives of my children, but for my friends and for the world. I go into 2013 with a positive attitude, with prayer for a better life and for continued growth, spiritually not physically, and with a renewed determination to make myself the best I can be. Without going into the Marines.
In my family the number 13 is a good luck number, we never really bought into the whole superstitious thing; we like to turn things around. I can only imagine what a whole year of 13 will bring.
So for Christmas Elizabeth gave me an ITunes gift card to download my two favorite albums that she stole. Tracey Lawrence and Kiss, well I have downloaded Tracey Lawrence and I cannot stop listening to it. I know what you are thinking, isn’t this the same singer that beat his wife in a hotel room in the ‘90’s. Yes, yes it is, however if the world can forgive Chris Brown the week after he beat the living daylights out of Rhianna, I figure it is time for us to forgive Tracey.
There is one song in particular that I love, Rebels, Renegades and Rogues, I have always considered myself a rebel and renegade, not so much a rogue. But what truly makes me a rebel, you ask, that is a good question. Well I have always gone against societal norms, as in I was and continue to be a girl nerd who knows fashion. An unusual combination, or used to be, not so much anymore, turns out I was a trail blazer, who knew. As for the renegade, well, I have never done what was expected, I drive fast, I rail against authority, not really, the last part, the first yes. Anyway if you are a country music fan I highly suggest you give Tracey Lawrence a try, some of my favorites are Alibis, Texas Tornado and If the Good Die Young.
I shall sign off for now, the next time I talk to you all it will be 2013, a new year, a new beginning, a new hope. See what I did there, I snuck a Star Wars reference in there, BBFF that was for you.

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