Red Dawn

I found out something about the Irishman last night that could be a deal breaker, he does not love the movie Red Dawn as much as I do. How could anyone not love that movie, it was on last night, I kept randomly yelling Wolverines, it was greatness. I learned a lot watching that movie, in case of an invasion we should take to the mountains, we should all have hunting clothes and know how to use a bow and arrow and rifles. Also the stealthier the better, oh and ride a horse, we should all know how to ride a horse.
So, today is the 2nd day of the new year, so far I have kept several of my goals, I have read the bible every day, I have started a plan to read the bible through in a year, I am going from new to old. I have read the bible through several times in my life, I feel I need it now. I have also done research for some upcoming shows, we are going to have some great Conversations, you will not want to miss these. I have also begun getting back on track with my weight issues. I was doing so well, I looked so good, and then boom, I sat by Kay. I know you are wondering why would this derail you, well let me tell you, she is a baker. Of epic proportions, amazingly good sweet things, at first I resisted, she will tell you this. However, the day after day of, “taste this, doesn’t this smell good” got to me, I grabbed that fork and tasted. Well that is all she wrote, we all know I am a sugar addict, so off the wagon I went, in a huge way.
But I am here to tell you, back on the wagon I go, Kay has been told this, we now work different shifts, I love you Miss Kay but you are evil with your sweets!
I have not had an exciting week, just cooking my 15 bean soup, taking care of Jeffrey and Alex’s cats, as they are skiing, that is about it. Oh and being so sad that the Irishman does not love Red Dawn, still cannot get over that.
I did set some goals this year, to have better eating habits, to read the bible through and to be fiscally responsible, those were my biggies. Also to go where God leads me, I have to be honest, this radio thing, it is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I feel like I was born to talk, thank you Shanon for giving me this opportunity to talk with you!
Ok people that is all she wrote, I am getting off of here, starting my day and being productive.

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