So I bought these two sweater dresses, that on me turned out to be just sweaters, no way would I wear these as a dress! One thing dropped on the floor and well, let’s just say everyone would get an eyeful. Police would be called, probably end up in jail, and I am too pretty to go to jail.
Ok, so, something is really bothering me and I need to get it out, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it seems these two have procreated. Here is my thing, she is still married, since when did it become acceptable in our society to still be married to one person and get pregnant by another? All of the media outlets are extolling the conception of this child, turns out there is no hiding these days where one conceives a child. It was conceived near the Vatican, do we really think Jesus was looking down saying this is a good thing? NO! We do not! Kim you are an adulterer, this should not be extolled in the media, young girls should not be happy about this. Kim sent a tweet out saying she was sorry her dad and his mom could not be a part of this. Really? Kanye’s mom would probably hit him upside the head, what is he thinking getting involved with a woman who could only stay married for 72 days and can’t seem to get a divorce? Clean your house before you start adding to it, and here is a huge surprise, the state of California considers her husband to be the father of the child until it is proven otherwise. Hmmmm, wow, really, it is assumed a womans husband is her baby’s father? Such radical thinking.
I for one am disgusted by this behavior, I am disgusted by the people who think this is ok, it is not ok, it is never ok. Where have the morals of this world gone? Is this what we are really reduced to? Being inundated by immoral people in an immoral world?

3 Replies to “Disgusted”

  1. Hahahaah @ the sweater dresses! Please wear leggings cuz I don’t have bail money to get you out of the indecent exposure charge! Lololol As for Kim and Kanya I have no words, cept you are right.


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