Stroke or No?

I think there is something wrong with me, my left eye lid is swollen and hurts, I have a fever blister, without ever having had a fever, I did the only thing I could. I looked it up on WebMD; I may have had a stroke. I am at work, so odds are no one will notice, I may end up going to the Care Now place, the eye thing has me a little worried.
I am back at work after a long time off, the weekend was a little strange, the Irishman now has weekends off, starting this past Sunday. He took Saturday off as well this weekend; it was weird having him there, not in a bad way, just weird. I think he woke up ready to go to work on Sunday, he stayed up till 6am and then I think he woke up and thought he had to go to work at 10am.
We will see if spending actual time together breaks us apart or we actually stay together, stay tuned folks.
My eye hurts so I am not going to go on forever today, pray I didn’t have a stroke.

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