The Story of Thomas Testerman

I have a need to write this out, it is how the first Testerman came to America, this is the story that both my grandfather and my dad told me. I would like any Testerman’s out there that find this to add their story as well, all of the ones I have ever met all have the same story so far. So here goes:
Thomas Testerman came to America fighting on the side of the British, he was a Prussian mercenary, he was more than likely born in deep poverty as rich men did not become mercenaries.
He came here in 1774, was actually captured at Ticonderoga, the American officers came to the imprisoned mercenaries and told them if they fought for them at the end of the war they would give them land. They would be able to stay. Thomas took them up on that offer and never looked back, legen says he was given a valley in Virginia. One of my brothers was stationed in Virginia when he was in the army and actually found them, and they did have our story.
Thomas had 3 sons, only one would inherit, the oldest, one went to upper state New York to seek his future and the other went west. The one that went west, well that is mine, eventually that line settled in Missouri then moved to Oklahoma during one of the land rushes.
An interesting side note, I understand the Testerman’s and the Livesay family married each other, a lot, if you look up Livesay, they were the premier wagon builders in the country in the 1700’s and 1800’s.
Well that is the story of Thomas Testerman, I even named my youngest son after him, so proud he had the courage to better himself and so happy he took a chance on an untried country and settled here. I wonder if he can see what his progeny has done with the opportunities we have all due to him.

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