There’s a Stye in my Eye

So far in 2013 I have had an eye stye and a fever blister, however, I am on the mend, so still good, I hope everyone else is having a better start to their year.
So far on Conversations we have tackled teenage curfews, do they work, or are they antiquated, they do work and are not antiquated, so keep it up parents. Let your children know their limitations within the confines of the home and the consequences if they break the rules. Open communication is the key, that is what we learned while talking with Pastor Purvey, very informative show.
This week we take on depression and what the bible has to say about it, i think you will also find this very informative and hopefully if not helpful to you personally, perhaps someone you know. We all go through it, none of us are immune to depression, it hits at some point in our life. However, there are things that you can to do combat it, first off, talk to someone, that is the most important key. I believe. Keeping things internalized will just compound the issue and it will eat at you. Not healthy, trust me, someone out there has been where you are and has something helpful to tell you.
Well I am feeling better today, so it is off to run a few errands, the Irishman’s daughters are selling Girl Scout cookies, so if you would like to order some, email me.

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