24 Hours of Positivity

So, I saw something on Facebook (of course) that said something to the effect that we should try to have one day where we say nothing negative. Well, I have decided to do that, today, as a matter of fact. So I will go one solid 24 hours where I utter not one negative word. This should not be too difficult as I am a naturally positive human.
This weekend was a good one, Friday was spent cleaning and catching up on things of that nature, then Saturday evening was date night with the Irishman. We went to dinner then took the train downtown to attend a Dallas Stars game. If you are not familiar with them, they are a hockey team, the game was a lot of fun, then it was taking the train back home.
We walked from the train to the American Airlines Center, which was a good mile walk, so that was nice, walking through Downtown Dallas at night. Seeing the lights, it was a nice night for a walk; the company was good, nothing whatsoever to complain about.
So, on Facebook (naturally) I read this thing about honey and cinnamon, I shared it on there, I do believe I am going to share it here as well. Very interesting, after reading it, I added cinnamon to my coffee routine, I highly recommend it. First you mix the honey and cinnamon and add a little hot coffee to mix it really well, then your unflavored cream (if you use cream) and then drink away. So very yummy and the health benefits are going to be listed after I am done writing whatever it is that I want to impart to you.
I saw on Twitter (my second avenue of information these days) that Mary O’Connor passed away, who is she you might wonder; well she was Hugh Hefner’s girl Friday so to speak. She worked for him for years in the Mansion, I am not really sure what she did, I saw her on the show The Girls Next Door. She had an office and her desk had tons of paper on it and she always looked very busy. Everyone who came into contact with her has had nothing but positive things to say about her. I don’t know if I could work somewhere like that, not due to the obvious moral issues, but due to the simple issue of being around so many women who are so much more beautiful than I. For me it would be disconcerting, of course at the age she was when the viewing public met her, she was older, a mother figure to the women who resided there. However when she was first hired she was younger, a lot younger, so one has to wonder if there was ever a time she had doubts about her own personage. It was obvious this was a woman who was comfortable with herself; she chose to age naturally, gracefully even, quite an accomplishment surrounded by all of the plastic surgery that inhabited her world.
I have decided to do a special edition after this one for the honey and cinnamon tips as this is over 500 words. I’ll post that one later this afternoon to give everyone time to read this posting. Happy Monday, remember to be positive today, it will do you a world of good, let me know tomorrow how it went. Going 24 hours, consciously being positive, I will be interested in knowing how you all feel, do you feel good, was it hard, did you find it relatively easy to erase negativity from your world for a day.

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