Snow Wishes

The drive in was very strange, the fog was thicker than I have ever seen it, I fully expected the Wolfman to jump out at every stop. The Lon Chaney Wolfman, not the Seth Green Oz version. Disconcerting at best, flat out scary at worst, however I made it safe and sound. Nothing jumped out and went bump in the darkness, on the one hand disappointing, the other hand, yay me.
So I read today in the news that Russia has their very own version of the Loch Ness monster, I wonder now if tourists will flock to that country to simply catch a glimpse of the beast. Why now is the question, if, as they claim, this beast has been sighted throughout the years for over 100 years. Why now to come out with the information? It is not exactly the tourist capitol of the world, when I hear Russia, I know I don’t want to jump up and make travel plans. It’s too cold for even me, and the people do not have a reputation for being friendly. I will stick with Scotland for my water monster tour.
My birthday is Sunday and there is not a hint of snow in the future, I have to ponder the question, is God unhappy with me? Why is He keeping the snow from me? I know He knows it comforts me; it reminds me there is great beauty in the world, when everything is going wrong, snow is the one thing that is right in my world. I will figure it out; I will cut out whatever is making Him angry with me. Last year I gladly gave up snow so Chewie could have it in heaven, now it is time for him to send some back to me.
I have my coffee perhaps that should be enough to tell me of God’s love for me, I’ll take it. In case you missed the show Saturday evening, it is now up on the website,, it really is a great show. It is about forgiveness, us forgiving others as God forgives us. I am in awe of the talent that surrounds me. Shanon J is nothing short of amazing, we record and she edits the shows as well as being on air talent. She makes me sound good! Check us out; I am positive you will not be disappointed.

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