Early Present

So, I had something strange happen yesterday, when I collected the mail I had a surprise delivery. The magazine Guideposts was sitting in my mailbox, why is this strange you ask. Well, I didn’t order a subscription to Guideposts, I know you are still wondering the significance of this happening, I’ll explain.
When my mom was alive she would give me a subscription to Guideposts for Christmas every year. I loved it; I loved all of the uplifting stories, real stories of real people experiencing miracles, small and large. Stories of God’s constant presence, stories that would make me laugh, cry and just feel good. Since my mom passed away I have not received the magazine.
My birthday is Sunday, I feel like I have been given a gift from my mom. I don’t know how this ended up in my mailbox, I am going to go with divine intervention, it has my name on it, my correct address, not a place I lived when my mom was alive, so I know it was not something lingering in their system. I am going to consider it an early Birthday present; perhaps God is sending it in place of my snow.
A strange, wonderful present, I am not going to analyze it, which is my habit, I am just going to enjoy my present from my mom.

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