Life is a journey, how many times have we heard that? Isn’t it a bumper sticker? While I get that, and I understand why people say that, I don’t know that I subscribe to it. Life is what you make of it, another cliché, that one I totally get and subscribe to. While we might not have control of what happens in life, we do have control of our reactions to the chaos that makes up this world.
I have had incredibly sad news for several weeks in a row, my heart aches for the ones involved, I don’t feel at liberty to say in a public forum. I am praying for the people where the chaos has invaded, where things are darkest at this point in their lives. I pray for peace most of all, understanding may not come, may never come, however, perhaps peace can pervade.
For the first time in many weeks, I have nothing to do this Friday, I am so excited! I get to just stay home in my pajamas and watch television, maybe clean, do laundry, however stay in my pajamas! I know you are thinking this is not very exciting, well; sometimes you have to have a little down time in order to regroup and come back stronger.
On a completely up note, the Irishman seems to be doing better, he has put on weight and he is back to his normal pale, not the deathly pale he has been sporting for a year. He has more energy and his mood is up, so I am very hopeful for this medication and the treatment he is getting.
My own health is spectacular; so far I have avoided getting any of the illnesses that people are bringing into my vicinity. I give credit to the vitamins and honey; yes I am going to stand by the local honey. No flu here, no colds, no sinus, nothing, yes I am bragging. I did wake up with a headache today; however I believe it is due to the fact that I did not have as much caffeine yesterday as I normally have. As soon as I got up and had a cup of coffee, headache gone, so there you have it.
I hope everyone has a great day, say prayers for people today, even people you don’t know, we all need them.

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