I haven’t posted in a few days because, well, one day I was very tired, the next very busy, then tired, then busy, it is just a vicious cycle. I am still trying to get into the swing of my new schedule, this past Wednesday was spent recording with Shanon J for our Easter show airing tonight on KHVN Dallas/Ft Worth station, you can find it on the Tunein Radio app, so please listen.
I am currently sitting here watching It’s Complicated, I love this movie, I think Meryl Streep is just fantastic and pairing her with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin is nothing short of genius. I think it says a lot about how complicated divorce is, and how it seriously affects the family when the man leaves the mother for another woman. Even into adulthood it showed how the children feel about it. It also shows how long the woman feels the after effects of the cheating. I don’t like the moment in the movie where Meryl Streeps’ character sleeps with her ex. I don’t think that is an accurate portrayal. I do not think there are a lot of wronged women having sex with their ex. I could be wrong about this, however, I don’t believe I am. I hope I am not wrong about this, why would you go back to someone who has done this? After you have moved on? Gotten a divorce, it’s been 10 years, and the other person is married to someone else. Who does this? It makes for good entertainment, but that is it, entertainment. I don’t believe people should do this in real life. I don’t believe people should cheat on each other, I find cheating abhorrent, I don’t believe God intended for man to do this. Oh wow, look it’s in the top 10, it’s a biggie folks, so if you are doing this, stop, now, immediately. Get on your knees and beg God’s forgiveness, fortunately you can do that, and He will forgive.
That’s it, must get ready, big, busy day today, going with Elizabeth Anne for an adventure, then off to see the Irishman lose his hair and beard.

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