Weekend Ponderings

Friday night we had a Ladies that Lunch gathering, only instead of lunch it was evening snack things. I like when we do these things on a Friday night because some women that cannot come on Saturday afternoons get to come to the Friday evening ones.
Of course I had to do a blatant self promotion and remind everyone about Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B. A couple of the women didn’t know about it, so I gave the website to listen to past shows and gave them the station call letters to listen life. In case you missed it, http://www.convosate.com to listen to past shows, and KHVN 970 AM for local listeners in the Dallas/FW area.
So, when everyone was leaving I had the opportunity to speak with one of the ladies I don’t get to see that often. We were catching up and she asked me how I came to have the opportunity to be on the radio. I gave her the brief story of how Shanon and I had been friends for years and she is the one that had enough faith in me to actually let me speak on the radio.
In the course of the conversation I mentioned the one we did on men and women and friendship, she asked me if I thought that men and women could be friends after having had a dating relationship. My answer, is no, after a person has had a romantic relationship with someone, whether it has been physical or not, it was romantic in nature. I do not believe that men and women can have a friendship after that. Let me tell you why, it will always get in the way, it will always be awkward, you can never introduce anyone to them because they will know.
I find this particularly troublesome, because it is easy to fall back into those kinds of relationships and it is inappropriate. No one needs that kind of stress in a relationship, so there you have it, I do not believe that once you have been in a romantic relationship you can go backwards and have a friendship.
That was my Friday night in a nutshell. Saturday was much quieter, laundry and a movie with the Irishman, we saw Gerard Butler, he totally rocks.
Sunday, Dinner/Lunch with Elizabeth Anne, the work on Monday morning, this week I shall have a 3 day work week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I get to have Tess Thursday night and Friday, so excited! I don’t know what we will do but it will be an adventure!

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