Wonderful Weather Day!

I haven’t been here in a while, I have missed putting down whatever is in my head, however I have been a little overwhelmed with changes at work. We are in training to take on new responsibilities, I can see the good in it, and I can see the possibilities of what the department is trying to achieve in this new endeavor. The training is typical for the company I work for, bright spot is one of the trainers actually takes the responsibility seriously and wants to get all of the information he can to us so we can succeed. Best trainer I have had in a long time, I hope he continues with this responsibility.
Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier as it is 40 degrees and rainy, this is my kind of spring! Now if it would snow I would be incredibly happy. To top things off today is my day off and Stargate SG-1 movie is on SyFy, I do believe my life is complete.
This Saturday we will be airing a show on Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B dealing with how to be a Ruth while waiting for your Boaz. It is a subject near and dear to my heart as I believe that women on the whole have forgotten that we need to behave a certain way in order to attract the kind of mate we want in life. Where has loyalty gone? Where has modesty gone? I am not saying that women should dress in nun’s habits or prairie women, just cover up a little more.
I hope you all will listen and give us feedback on our website http://www.convosate.com, we would love to hear from you. You can also find our link there to buy shirts telling everyone you listen to us!
I sit here with the door open enjoying the coolness of the morning, having my coffee and watching one of my favorite franchises, it is a good morning indeed.
My thoughts are with my friend that lost her mother last week, she was 101 and lived a good life, a life worth celebrating, however, no matter what your age losing your mother is still hard and I will be praying for her and the family.
I hope everyone has a great day, I consider it a personal achievement I made no trainer cry this week as I have been known to do. I am trying to practice the art of restraint, that is important, to become more patient and realize that everyone has a purpose and everyone is here to teach us a lesson in life. I suppose the trainer that is incompetent is here to teach me tolerance and patience. Lesson learned God, you can now slow down on that particular chapter in my life.
The one thing I am impatient with in life is stupidity, I can handle ignorance as I believe that is curable, stupidity is not, therefore I have little tolerance for it in general. My mother was a great example on how to behave in any situation and I am afraid that when I do l meet up with her some of my behavior will cause her to be disappointed with me. Therefore I am striving to be a better person, someone who is patient, kind and gentle, I fear I will never be there as I am not a gentle being. I tell it like it is, whether one wants to hear it or not, I am more like my father, who would say whatever was in his head. One never has to guess what I am feeling or thinking as it will spew out of my mouth like verbal vomit, or be written on my face for the world to see. I will never be able to be a spy as I am not good with subterfuge, this makes me sad as I always wanted to be CIA.
I hope everyone finds what they are meant to do in life, I am still searching, I don’t know when I will find it, well, hmmm honestly I do love being on the radio. I do feel like at this time and place in my life it is what I am supposed to be doing. I hope God uses both me and Shanon to help others with their issues and to know that we all have them, we all sin and come short of the Glory of God, however through Jesus we are all saved. I hope we do it with humor, acceptance and above all love. I hope you all have a great day and are on your journey to discovering your hidden talents and allowing God to bring them out to show the world.

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