A New Day

There comes a time in every relationship when one has to take a good hard look at it and decide if it is worth continuing. I am at this point in my relationship with Candy Crush or whatever you call it. It is more work than fun and I am continually frustrated with my progress. At times it seems to taunt me with the way it seems easy enough then it takes me days to get through a level to continue on. I am going to have to give this serious thought.
In happier news, we celebrated my beautiful granddaughters birthday yesterday. She is so funny, beautiful, smart and simply amazing. I can’t believe she will be 6 tomorrow, the time goes by way too fast.
I got to spend time with her Saturday as well, Jeffrey needed to do some shopping for the party so I got to at with her. Yay me!!
Today begins another work week, another week to get back on the bandwagon. As far as dieting goes, cottage cheese and strawberries for breakfast followed by salad for lunch. All I really want is puffy Cheetos and diet coke. I have not had diet coke since the beginning of March. No soda whatsoever. I feel bad for me.
I did have cake and ice cream yesterday at the party. So now I have to be good.

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