Closer to Human Happiness

I just learned the most amazing thing. Dean Cain is back on television in a scripted show. I just might die happy now, could it be I am going to actually experience human happiness? I am not a big believer in happiness but man, Dean Cain on television weekly certainly brings me closer to being a believer.
The question is how did I miss this??? I am usually on top of breaking Dean Cain news.
Ok here are the details, it’s on VH1 and called Hit the Floor, you will have to look up dates and times. I will be setting the DVR to record every episode. I can totally see what my days off will now entail. So feakin’ excited!!
I don’t know why I ever thought of replacing my undying devotion to Dean with Christian Kane. I mean I love Christian Kane but I LOVE Dean Cain. Not in a weird stalkery kind of way but in a, oh heck, I can’t even lie here. I would totally stalk him if it were feasible. I can’t even downplay it, so embarrassing. I think I love him more than the Bay City Rollers. They have not aged well, he has.
So happy.

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