So, I was talking to Jose and he got me all ruled up, I climbed on my soapbox right onto my high horse.
Here’s the thing God can see everything, everywhere. Through walls, in buildings, in a field, in a box with a fox. He sees all, knows all, will judge all. Some people don’t seem to know that, or understand that. Please do not lie to my face then tell me you are a Christian.
I will call you out in a heartbeat, I don’t care who you are. I am astounded by the way people behave. Oliver North will tell you that the old I was just following orders doesn’t fly in a court of law and it will not fly with God on judgement day.
It seems people have lost the ability to treat others fairly and with dignity, respect. Forget rewarding loyalty, backstabbing and blatantly being a sycophant is the order of the day.
When will humans learn this is not the way life is supposed to be? When will all of us start lifting others up instead of seeing people who think for themselves as a threat?

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