New Baby

So the Irishman and I adopted a baby, she is 5 months old with amber eyes and red hair. She is full of life, happy, joyous, rambunctious and old fashioned fun.
For the first 5 months of her life she was raised outdoors, so house training her has been challenging, however crate training her has been easy.
Nocona seems ok with her, she has only snipped at her a couple of times and they have actually started playing together.
Which brings me to a long dormant segment “Does That Make My Dog Crazy”.
Stormie (our daughters name) has her own bed, it is lovely, big and brand new. I noticed that Nocona’s bed was missing its pillow. I walk over to Stormie’s bed and found that she has stolen the pillow and put it on her bed. She is lying there with her head on the pillow.
I stood there and she looked up and just grinned.
Life is going to be exciting.

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