Monday, Funday

I am so excited, this is my last week on this schedule, I will be Monday through Thursday beginning next week, which means I can get Tess every other Friday! I have missed our outings more than I can say, must plan something special for this upcoming one. I hope this Monday finds everyone is good spirits, sound minds, sound body’s and looking forward to your day.
Nocona continues her road to improvement I am happy to report, she is eating, drinking and last night turned in a circle three times before lying down. Huge improvement, she is clear eyed and alert, she is still having issues walking, but she is trying.
I have a confession, I love reading my horoscope, not because I believe in that hokum, but because it amuses me. I am always on the verge of financial success, ruin or independence, I am always on the verge of meeting an extremely attractive stranger, or breaking up, or I should hide under the covers. That one I like..
My mom used to read her horoscope, she used to call them the horriblescopes, and she would read it at the end of the day. I asked her why she did that, her answer was so my mom, she said she wanted to see what she had missed.
She would read it, sit for a minute, and say, well I didn’t miss much, put the paper down and walk off whistling a happy tune. Some days I miss her more than others, but I relish the happy memories. October is a hard month, it is the month I lost Michael and the month I lost Sandi. However, I think of them and think of all of the good times, the laughter, the lessons I learned from each and it makes my heart lighter.
What really makes my heart lighter is the knowledge I will see everyone again someday, when it is my turn to go home, I know that wont be anytime soon. My people live a long time, I have a good 75 years left, but for them it will be nothing but the blink of an eye.
I am going to sign off now, off to work I go, must earn money to buy new shoes, Stormie is determined to eat mine.

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