Nocona Update

I have an update on Nocona, this morning she is clear eyed and trying to stand, best news is she “did her business”, which she had not done since Tuesday. She has been on stool softeners all week, it finally paid off, thankfully so, because the Vet said that was her big worry at this point.
She was able to walk a little outside and do her business, so things are looking up. When I picked her up Friday she was worse off than when I dropped her off. She was lethargic, and not moving at all, the vet said she probably would not last the night. Well she did, Elizabeth and I decided to take her off of her pain meds for the whole day of Saturday, because she was drugged up, you could see it in her eyes. By yesterday evening she was doing better, eating and drinking.
Today she has eaten a whole can of dog food and my tuna, she has also been drinking, then she sleeps. Which is kinda normal for her, and the Irishman, I feed him, he sleeps.
I am very happy, I am praying this is the first steps on the way to recovery, I know it won’t be all the way, she is after all 12, but I do hope this means we have many years left with her.

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