Buffy Monday

Well, so far so good, this morning has started with coffee, Buffy, rain and dogs, not necessarily in that order. I think I could get used to this, I guess I will find out when I am working until 9:00 pm. I do believe I am going to like this schedule, drinking coffee in leisure, spending time with the pups, trying to get Nocona to take her fish oil pills. Now that is real fun.
Last night was filled with television, The Walking Dead came back strong, if you have not seen it yet I will not be posting spoilers, just know it was awesome! I can hardly wait till next week, I do believe this is going to be a great season.
The Irishman and I are having to make some decisions in the next month, could really use prayers, nothing major, just deciding whether or not to move and if we move where to. It’s hard to try and move this time of year as the holidays are just starting and the expense of moving with the expense of Christmas, well, as I said, say prayers for a wise decision.
Going to sign off for now, I am going to leave early as it is pouring rain, which makes me happy, but cautious in my driving.

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