Saying Goodbye

The day I have been dreading, that we have all been dreading, happened yesterday, Nocona went home. The Irishman found her when he got home, he said he thought she was sleeping. She had climbed into a little chair we have and simply went to sleep.
Alex came and said goodbye to his friend and then we took her to Elizabeth’s farm and laid her to rest. She loved the farm so much, it is where she got the chance to do what she was born to do. Round up cattle. Jeff and Elizabeth dug the grave and the four of us said our goodbyes.
I still remember the day she came into our lives, you see I had promised the kids when we got back into a house with a yard we could have a dog. We had two cats, Mickey and Arthur and I seriously thought they would forget about the dog promise. Chewie would come to visit occasionally, I foolishly thought that was enough.
Elizabeth called me one Sunday and said Mom, remember that dog promise, I said vaguely. She said well we found a dog at the lake house and we are bringing her home. I said um what.
Well they brought in the dog, that they had aptly named Nocona, after the place the found her and soon she found her way into everyones heart. She was funny, sweet, loving, territorial, crazy and well, a complete Barsi.
She was the family dog, going with the kids to Jeff’s house on the weekends they were there, when my mom passed away, Nocona stayed with Jeff.
it is fitting he was there to say goodbye to our friend, our companion, family member, you name it she was it.
When I started dating the Irishman and introduced him to her, he fell in love with her as well, it’s hard not to.
She has stayed with all of us, with Jeffrey when I would go out of town if Elizabeth wasn’t able to keep her, with Jeff, Elizabeth and Alex.
The only time she has been parted from us was the 9 hours she was in the vets office without one of us. I know she was scared, wondering if her family had left her. I know in my heart that when I came back for her that was when her stress was relieved.
She lived longer than the vet said she would, yesterday morning she gave no indication she would be leaving. She followed me around, took her medications, ate, drank and went outside.
Now she has no more pain, and as my friend Jan said, Michael is getting his opportunity to be with the Barsi family pet. I know Nocona will take good care of him for me.

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