Stormie News and Other Stuff

Well here we are, Tuesday again, Wednesday for me, very happy about that. This Friday is a Tess day, incredibly happy about that. I have something very fun planned, I hope she likes it.
I am thinking about bringing back does that make my dog crazy as Stormie is crazy, I mean seriously crazy. Well not all the time, just sometimes.
Our favorite game to play with her is to ignore her until she swats us with her paw, it is the funniest thing, she will stand there waiting for us to love on her. If you just sit there she will take her paw and swat you with it, letting you know she wants some loving.
She is this big, lovable furball, she loves to give kisses and loves her belly rubs and has learned to jump on the bed. Finally, it makes me less sad to have her sleep with us, I know that makes me crazy, but I still miss Nocona so much and she used to sleep with us.
Well, another day, another dollar, off to work I go, to make the money to buy Stormie chew toys so she will stop chewing on the office chair, oh and my shoes.
I foresee me having to go shoe shopping to replace a pair or two, look how sad I am at the prospect of shoe shopping.

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