Well, Friday is upon us, we call all rejoice once again. I am doing better, I still miss Nocona more than I have words to express. Part of me feels extreme guilt that she died alone, I wish I had been with her, telling her how much she meant to all of us these past 10 years and 3 months. I hope she knew how much we all loved her.
Ok, I am just going to say the thing we are not supposed to say. I really love me. Not the way I look, I think that is well established. I love my mind, my personality, my brain if you will. I love the way I process thoughts, I believe it is unique, I also believe I have passed this thought process on to Elizabeth Anne.
I love the fact I am eclectic in my television viewing and my reading choices, oh and musical selections. I love how I can meet someone and tell you within 5 minutes if they are trustworthy or not. I love that I can spend all day watching the history channel or scyfy channel or discovery or anything that most women don’t watch. I said most, not all, I love that I love words. My grandfather really instilled that within me by teaching me to read when I was 4, he got tired of me asking him to read to me all day long.
So there you have it, I love me. Everyone should love themselves, unless they are racist, then they should not love their personalities, they should change the way they think.
Ok, I’m done, see you all later.

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