Medical Mask Needed

I don’t know what is happening here at work, people around me literally have the bubonic plague, it is medieval, meds people, meds!
I don’t even know how to properly explain it, but all at once, today, everyone started hacking, sneezing and making strange noises. I wanted to run to a drug store, buy a mask, cough drops and cough syrup to pass out. Do not give this to me people!
I refuse to get sick, I have a healthy metabolism, I will overcome all of the germs in my office environment.
On a happier note, or should I say healthier note, I am doing well with staying on the wagon. Today I incorporated a Starbucks treat within my point range, very happy about that. It is a once a week treat and I am ok with that, as long as I just don’t just slide back into old habits.
The thing is, I know what to do, and when I do it, I do it well, it is just the backsliding that trips me up. A decadent chocolate creation, sitting, teasing, waiting for me to indulge, what is one bite I say. One bite is everything.
I cannot do it, I cannot stray from my goal this time. I will be thin, I will be pretty, I will be attractive.
I heard this thing on the radio, it was asking women to name one part of themselves they liked. Physical, not mental or emotional, it stumped women, that simple questions. So I thought to myself, what do I like about myself physically, the word nothing immediately came to mind. I pushed it back down, I thought some more, I decided I like my mouth. I like the way it is shaped. I don’t have thin lips, they are not giant lips, they are perfect for my face.
I would love to hear what you like about yourself physically.

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